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Design and montage

With gathering an active professional and experienced team Peymanfarayand company has achieved the latest technology in hydraulic and traction elevators based on Europe EN81 standard and with the technical knowledge we do our best to provide the finest elevators and escalators for our customers.


in our history of working in elevator industry for better services to our customers, we try to improve working elevators and considering the number of years that an elevator has been working we can upgrade them with the finest prices.

Aftersales maintaining

Peymanfarayand company provides aftersales maintaining for all of the customers in all the projects And our aftersale maintaining are base on adjusted Instructions and with gathering a professional maintaining team our company tries to provide the best services for the customers.

Technical support

Considering the quality of the materials that our company use in the elevators and escalators with our technical knowledge and gathering high-quality spare parts based on EN81 standard our projects have less problems in future comparing to others our elevators and escalators have 15 years support services from our company.



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Last News

The first thing without cable lift in the world

A German company unveiled the world's first lift concept without cables

Elevators have not changed much over the past 160 years and still has a cabin that moves vertically on one axis, and this axis is supported by cables.

This structure, restrictive and ineffective and people have waited a long time out of the elevator on the floor where they are intended. However, the German company ThyssenKrupp Elevator is a revolutionary concept has unveiled the possibility of moving several cabins both horizontally and vertically in an elevator shaft provides the same and at the same time.

German company claims, a new concept known as Multi System is the world's first elevator cable and has potential implications for the design of high-rise buildings in the future.

A magazine Hnrbamhvr, the system guides. Lift the same technology used in the construction of the Shanghai maglev train uses Abrsry made by German company Transrapid International.

Lift a new concept has a motor to move vertically and horizontally and not a single axis, and the technology is equipped with a complex system of shafts every 15 to 30 seconds is possible to provide access to the elevator.

The German company announced it would lift the axis is smaller compared to conventional elevators can be used areas of the building by 25 percent.

Germans claim to have a building height of 300 meters can be an ideal starting to use this technology.

Multi lift is still being designed and experts expect 2016 to test it.

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The lift in the aquarium 25 meters from Berlin

The world's largest aquarium is located in the lobby of a hotel in Berlin. The existence of an interesting aquarium glass elevator inside it.

This is AquaDom aquarium fish are 1500 varieties. The tank is 25 meters in height due to its great to be cleaned by divers twice per week.
Inside the cylindrical aquarium placed a million liters of water. The aquarium was built in 2004 at a cost of 12.8 million euros.

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The engineers in Germany successfully built the first cable-free elevator in the world.

World’s First Cable-Free Elevator Zooms Horizontally and Vertically Using Maglev TechIt could help change the way that buildings are designed, as well as getting you to your floor faster.

by Jamie Condliffe  June 23, 2017

Willy Wonka’s preferred mode of transport just became a reality. A new kind of elevator uses linear motors, similar to those in maglev trains and HyperLoop, to whiz its cabins through shafts, and will be able to move people up, down, left, or right.

The German engineering firm ThyssenKrupp first announced the idea of a maglev elevator way back in 2014 to a mixture of excitement and disbelief. Now, three years on, it has performed its first public test of the technology in a dedicated elevator experimentation tower in Rottweil, Germany.

As you can see in the video above, the elevator, known as Multi, doesn’t use a cable at all. Instead, it runs on rails that act as linear motors, using magnetic fields to accelerate cabins along their length. When a cabin stops at a floor, those rails can rotate so that it can move off to the left or right rather than continuing up or down.

ThyssenKrupp's vision is of a system of several such shafts placed next to each other, so software might plan routes that take cabins between shafts and around congestion, saving people time.

The linear motor technology could also help side-step a major issue facing current skyscrapers. As Wired UK notes, regular cable designs can only safely rise about 1,600 feet in one continuous stretch, so in tall buildings there have to be numerous lift shafts installed to get people to the top. Multi could solve that, which could free up space and also allow architects to design buildings in different shapes and styles.


One German developer, OVG Real Estate, has already taken the plunge, and will install the system in its forthcoming East Side Tower building in Berlin. But—and honestly, there had to be a big "but" here—it's unlikely many buildings will be kitted out with these kinds of elevators in the near future. That's because Multi will apparently cost as much as five times more than a standard lift system. And, sadly, golden tickets don't stretch very far in the world of real estate.

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Selection of motor systems in the companys elevators is a technology-based process contract and chooses the best option for the synchronous and asynchronous lifting system in all elevators and in design according to the height and the course, the best European engines in the elevator are used


All cars designed and built in accordance with European standard EN81 and with the best materials and with the technical knowledge about providing the best decorative designs and moving systems to provide the right motor conditions are provided


All automatic doors imported with the best quality of construction, all-steel double-edged and three-sided used in projects

Hydraulic & Escalator

Hydraulic lifts of Peyman Farayand company with the proper design and use of the technology of the world using European parts of the wittur brand is designed and implemented in accordance with the capacity. The design of hydraulic elevators is carried out in two ways:

2- INDIERCT (new method)


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